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Can you tell our readers who is Ella McLendon?

Ella McLendon is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, etc., who lives and loves life to the fullest!

Coach Ella Destiny is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Accountability Partner (SAP), a life/inspirational coach that encourages people to get off the sidelines of life and LIVE ON PURPOSE!

What do you like most about being an Author?

I like that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have an audience to “minister to” indirectly. I’m able to be transparent and share pieces of my life in hopes that someone will be able to take from my experiences and apply it to their lives in whatever way is best suitable for them, that they can look at my situation and see God…how he blessed me, protected me and kept his hands on me and that he can do the same for them.

How would you explain the difference between living your best self vs just living in fulfillment of life?

Living your best self to me, means operating in your purpose whatever that may look life for you. Not being afraid to be who you are and who you were called to be. A lot of times we’re so boxed in about who we are “supposed to be” that it’s hard, almost impossible to  “live our best selves”. We have to live up to a standard of what the world says instead of just embracing the true you. 

Living in fulfillment of life is being intentional about living. Fulfilling that dream writing that book, starting that business. Doing the things that make you happy and bring you peace.

Why is your book “There Is Nothing Wrong with Saying SoWhat” so important to you?

“There Is Nothing Wrong with Saying So What” is so very important to me, because I’m encouraging people that no matter what they may have gone through, are going through or will go through in life, it’s ok to say, “SO WHAT”! Not to discredit or disregard situations and circumstances, but to simply remind them that there is nothing new under the sun and that NOTHING that happens catches God by surprise! For everything in life, there is a scripture, bible verse, story, whatever you want to call it, in the bible that we can refer to that will show us how we too, can get through it. It may not always be easy and there’s certainly a lesson in what God allows us to “grow through”, but we most definitely can get to that other side. I always tell people, “it’s a blessing in the lesson and a purpose for our pain.” 

What do you want the world to know about your Father?

Wow…my dad was an AMAZING man. A man of God first and foremost. A stand up guy for God! He was the epitome of what leading and loving your family was all about. A man with a servant’s heart no matter what…he knew his blessings had NOTHING to do with him and so he lived his life on the premises that “only the things you do for God will last”, that’s what he did and who he was. 

What type of effect do you think social media has on the mental health in the African American community and more so for Women of color?

Oh man, my dad used to say all the time social media was nothing but the devil lol! He hated it, or what it did to us. I think the effect it has on our mental health is that for one, it consumes us if we’re not using it properly. It’s one thing to leverage it for business, but when we get caught up in the “goings-on” and personal business, that’s when it becomes a problem, especially in the African American Community. Our attention is on who has or is doing what, that we tend to measure our own lives based on what someone else has or does. Back in the day they called it, “keeping up with the Joneses”!

For women of color, I think it sometimes changes the trajectory of who we really are. Because we see women of other nationalities getting the things we have to break our backs for so easily, we think we now need to become like them or become them in order to have our chance. We change what we look like, what we sound like, the way we carry ourselves, all for the sake of getting our “chance” or our “seat at the table” when it doesn’t have to be that way; like, let’s normalize natural hair, our melanin skin, our full lips, after all…it was birthed in us and comes naturally. We shouldn’t allow social media to tell us our worth.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for God. As cliché as it is, “had it NOT been for him on my side”…

I’ve been through and grown through so much in my life and I have to give all honor and glory to God for loving me enough and not thinking it robbery to save me over and over again. So, I’m grateful for God and how he’s saved and changed my life.

How does your book stand out from any other book today?

My book is an in your face, get up off of your bed of do nothing and do something, SO WHAT book! That’s how it stands out!! Itforces you to see the goodness of God and how no matter what may come your way, there’s already a story written for it showing you how to come out of it. No excuses only solutions!

What creative abilities and strengths are most admirable to you?

Being able to understand that we are all gifted and purposed is what I admire most. Knowing that people realize you are equipped with all the tools you need to be successful and to go after your dreams.

How can our readers connect with you?

People can connect with me on social media: FB-ella mclendon; IG-@coachelladestiny and my website: www.elladestiny.com

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