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House Of Music Education, Inc. is a non-profit youth development organization committed to strengthening the lives of Maryland youth through academic, career, life skills, and employment readiness training through arts, entertainment, and mentoring programs. Our principle emphasis is to foster strong personal values, promote teamwork, encourage a commitment to the community, and cultivate a standard of academic excellence. Our wish for our participants is to successfully graduate from high school and college or advance training, obtain employment which allows youth to sustain and nourish the family, while giving back to the community in a meaningful and positive manner.

House of Music Education is a year round after-school and summer enrichment program for youth and young adults. We strive to provide outstanding arts education, no matter the race, sex, or economic status of our students. H.O.M.E. is a one-stop-shop for all things arts, where creative and performance arts education, training and scholarships are provided to enhance people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression.

Our programming goal is to provide an academically enriched training program that offers a unique learning environment designed to meet youth educational goals to graduate from high school, prepare for college, and build employment skills to sustain their family and the community.

Focusing on the areas for growth, the company began the 2019 programming season by providing every student with a goal sheet to help track their progress. The goal sheet included the students arts interest and personal goals. Data from the goal sheets informed H.O.M.E. of the interests for every participating student and helped with the decision making process. In 2019, Our students attended workshops facilitated by resident artists of every discipline and a group workshop provided by National Recording Artist KeKe Wyatt. Following our 2019 showcase, our survey feedback highlighted many of our improvements and suggestions from community members.

National Recording Artist Keke Wyatt 2019 House of Music Showcase Performance

Programming Goals and Objectives

1) To educate youth through arts based academics, educational, and socially structured programs and services. To educate parents, community leaders, churches, and businesses on the valuable role they play in mentoring, leadership, and employment. 

2) To support youth and young adults on current social emotional issues. To mobilize communities to work together to address dangerous situations using the arts as a tool for self-expression.

3) To promote partnerships and collaboration among parents, school officials, local law enforcement agencies, and community leaders to protect children from violence, encourage healthy behaviors, develop physical wellness, and create community relations. 

5) To engage the community, local agencies, public service organizations, business owners, churches, and  volunteers to support program activities such as talent shows, showcases, festivals, internships and entrepreneurial endeavors that exhibit the skills and talents of our youth. 

6) To offer participants a “year round” opportunity to learn all aspects of the entertainment industry. To provide scholarships to students seeking to further their studies in the arts based instruction beyond high school. 

7) Our long-term goal is to seek accreditation to be able to provide certifications to students who successfully master one or more of our programs.

Over the last two years the House of Music Education has enhanced its student participation, programming structure, and offerings. In 2018, H.O.M.E. used feedback from stakeholders to identify areas of strength and weakness. The company evaluated every program and its impact on students and the community. The company strategically made changes to fit the needs of students that ensuring an arts education in fun and creative ways. Realizing that students wanted a more hands on experience with resident artists, H.O.M.E. decided to ensure that workshops would be included for every subject and allow students an outlet for expression while receiving positive feedback from artists. Another student desire was to have one-on-one instruction to help them build on their skill level and performance experiences. Our 2018 Arts Showcase provided an overview of our programming to all stakeholders. Their valuable feedback helped to enhance the arts based experiences for all students and community members. 

The H.O.M.E. vision, mission, and goals are constantly evaluated to ensure the company is meeting the needs and providing the best experiences for our students, staff, and community members. Comparing the feedback from 2018 surveys to the goals set for 2019 provided an opportunity to ensure that our vision, mission, and goals were aligned and measurable. The programming goals were re-worked to include the wishes of the stakeholders, and as a result the needs of participants were met. 

Programs and Offerings


  • Students receive hands on training in live performance with national and resident artists
  • Aspiring models receive runway and print model training
  • Studio recording with certified engineers 


  • Piano
  • Voice


  • Acting  
  • One Act play writing


  • Modern
  • Hip Hop


  • Lighting for Stage
  • Lighting for Film


To prepare students for a career in the field of fine and performance arts after high school and beyond. 



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