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Calling all creatives! Jenleeíon Magazine welcomes photography and art submissions for online consideration. We work with talent all around the world, so anyone could potentially be featured on our website or spread across our social platforms. For details on how to submit your work, please read the following guidelines thoroughly.

  • All submissions should be emailed to Subject: Content Submission
  • Submit by attaching high-res images to your email. Please DO NOT send zipped files or individual attachments. (Services like Dropbox and We Transfer are preferred.) If you do this, your submission will likely remain unseen.
  • Editorial submissions should consist of a minimum of 6 different images. (Our average editorial is about 8-10 images.)
  • Nudity is NOT allowed, however, Boudoir will be considered and should be implemented in a tasteful manner.
  • All submitted projects should be exclusive and unpublished. Images which have appeared in any form of print or online media will not be considered.
  • Be sure to include a title for your editorial, along with team and clothing/beauty credits. For team credits, list all related agencies and management firms, where applicable. (e.g. Photographer: John Doe @ ABC Management, Model: Jane Doe @ DEF Agency, etc.) For clothing credits, list each article of clothing featured, along with the designer/brand name. (Same for any beauty products used.) Be sure to list clothing credits with the corresponding file name, so we know which photo you’re referring to. (e.g. Photo_123: ABC BRAND top, DEF LABEL heels, etc.)
  • All credit information should be sent as a Word document or readable PDF.
  • Please double-check to make sure all information is accurate. Credits are published exactly as sent and we are not responsible for errors.


Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we unfortunately cannot respond to every email. Typically, we only contact photographers/artists whose work we are interested in publishing.

Once Jenleeíon Magazine accepts your submission, we reserve the right to publish all, some, or none of your images. If, by chance, we choose not to publish your photos, you will certainly be notified, leaving you free to submit them elsewhere. If your submission is not selected for publishing, it’s likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Your submission did not fully adhere to our guidelines.
  • The quality and/or style of your images were not right for our magazine, at the time.
  • Your images did not fit the current issue’s aesthetic or season.

Jenleeíon Magazine also reserves the right to pull any story that does not meet our guidelines for any reason, even after publication. The Editor’s decision is final, so please make sure you’re comfortable with these conditions before submitting.


By submitting your work to Jenleeíon Magazine, you (the photographer/artist) retain full copyrights of the submitted images, but grant Jenleeíon Magazine exclusive publishing rights for a minimum of 6 consecutive months, following the exchange of high resolution images. During this time period, the images supplied through the submission process cannot be published through any other source of print or online media. Any public display of the images (including social media channels) should be credited to Jenleeíon Magazine. After the aforementioned 6-month period, Jenleeíon will retain non-exclusive publishing, promotion, usage and licensing rights, across all forms of print and online media used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of Jenleeíon Magazine content.

STYLE SPOTLIGHT If you’d like the opportunity to showcase your unique style to our audience, simply email your best outfit photos to with the subject line “Style Spotlight.” Your email should include your name and a brief description of who you are and what you’re wearing. We especially like to hear about vintage pieces, DIYs, and special bargains you found, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine Jens and Jents!

Talent: Rick Ross @richforever

Talent: Amina Jennifer @motheramina

Designer: Dedrick Thomas @hideokibespoke

Photographer: Cat Harper @catharperphotography

Visionary: Nora Bonds @onlymissno

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