We’re proud of the millions of Women’s Marchers who fought with us these past four years to make today possible. Since 2017, Women’s Marchers all across the country have worked together to march, organize, and mobilize a powerful coalition of women voters. Together, we built a movement and we won.

Today is a moment of celebration. We hope that after watching Rachel’s video you share the pride we feel for all the women who fought before us to forge a better future and the women of color who are the backbone of our progressive movement.

Everyday women like all of us made this new chapter in politics possible and we will continue to wield our power to make sure that the Biden administration centers our most important priorities. Women are the soul and future of this country — together we can make sure that we overcome the crises we currently face, from racial injustice to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the coming days, we look forward to sharing with you a slate of plans we have to keep growing this movement and leveraging our grassroots power to fight for our feminist values.

If you want to support the work ahead of us, make a donation now to make sure our grassroots-funded team has the resources we need to kick off our bold plans for the first days of this new administration.

Women’s March