If you’ve ever ordered a snack at the movie theater, you’ve probably become accustomed to the once-shocking and seemingly exorbitant prices for food and drink.

But one movie theater employee is going viral for exposing that perhaps these prices don’t exactly match the amount of food you’re expecting to get with your order.

TikTok user @thatcoolguy2559 is a movie theater employee who dedicates his account to making humorous videos and exposing secrets about working at the concession stand. But a video exposing the inconsistencies with popcorn sizes that he posted on Saturday is making a splash by showing what appears to be the same amount of popcorn in both the junior-sized and medium-sized popcorn sizes.

In the video, he parodies a customer coming to order a junior-sized popcorn at what appears to be an AMC movie theater before deciding to change his order to a medium.


If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between

“Your total is $7.35,” the video says after he’s “handed” the small size popcorn.

When he asks to swap for a medium, the video shows the user pouring the junior-sized bag into a medium bucket, which turns out to be the same size but is priced at $8.44

“Can I just get the junior? Ya’ll trying to scam me,” he jokes.

The video has since garnered over an astounding 1.9 million likes and 8.4 million views.

“This is why I just get the large and don’t ask questions,” one user joked in the comment section.

“Feel like this should be illegal,” another wrote. “If I’m paying for a bigger size I should be paying for a bigger size.”

According to Movie Theater Prices, popcorn sizes range from $6.09 to $7.09 for a small, $7.10 to $8.09 for a medium and $8.10 to $9.09.

“If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between,” the employee captioned his video.

As of 2019, the average movie ticket price was $9.16.

Source: Entrepreneur.com