When did you discover your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion found me. Since I can remember I’ve always dressed and carried myself differently than everyone else.

How would you describe your overall line? What’s your niche?

My line is a clothing line that was created for those that don’t want to dress like everyone else. I’ve always hated going shopping and turn around and see people with the same outfit on. So I created Hollywood apparel for those that want to look good and express they’re individuality through fashion.

My niche has always been woman’s dresses, originally I wasn’t going to have a men’s line just woman’s and my wife talked me into having both men and woman collections. I love being able to make woman look sexy and feel sexy.

Who are some designers that have influenced you?

Some designers that have influenced me are Gianni Versace & donatella Versace. From the way they worked together to the designs that has always been so different from others and how he loves to essentiate the woman’s body.

What is the experience you would like guests to feel at your upcoming fashion show?

I want everyone to have the experience of they’re life, I want my fashion show to be the best fashion show they’ve ever been to.

Who all will be showcased at the show? Are there any insights you can provide our readers?

I will be showcasing local vendors and small business as well as local artist that just need a platform for more people to hear they’re music. I love having small business and artist to help give them exposure that they may not be able to get from other places.

Insights I can give the reader is to be ready for a rollercoaster. This will not be your average fashion show.

How many lines will you be showcasing of your own? What is the inspiration behind this lines’s looks?

I have three men collections and three woman collections. Men’s underwear, athletic & swimsuit collection. For woman I have woman lingerie, swimsuits & athletic collection.

What do you feel are the main components to making it as a designer in this culture?

The main components as a designer in this culture is be different but stay true to yourself. Be different so your designs are fresh & original but not too different because you still want your customers to be able to wear your clothes.

What advice would you give to a new designer trying to get out there?

Advice for new designs would be, have a team because it puts less pressure on you. Also, Marketing is everything. Nothings worse than having a great product but nobody knows about. Lastly, carry your sketch book with you in your car because a lot of my designs came to me while I was out and I just randomly needed to sketch them. If a design comes to you while your out you need to be able to sketch it then. Nothings worse than sketching incorrectly because you don’t remember the specifics from earlier.

Tell us a quote that keeps your focused and helps you to get out of your way?

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston


How can our readers connect with you?

Email: hollywoodapparel2020@gmail.com or hollywoodiconcao@gmail.com.

Instagram: @iaamhollywood