Can you tell our readers who Simone Vee is?

Simone Vee is a multifaced person. I love fashion and styling people; however, I am a clinical social worker by trade. I love mental health and educating our community about the importance of mental health. My long-term goal is to combine my two passions. I am also a wife, mother, business owner, and therapist. I have many important roles in which I balance.

How did you become a certified personal stylist?

When I decided that I want to take my love for fashion seriously, I took a course from celebrity stylist Shun Melson. I was able to learn inside information about the field of wardrobe styling and particularly the business aspect. I completed research on my own and completed test shoots to improve my skill.

What is your styling niche?

My styling niche is editorial/photoshoot styling.

Do you have a preferred body shape you love to style?

I don’t have a preference. I love challenges, so if I am presented with a body shape that I am not familiar with, I will work hard to ensure the client is comfortable.

Do you also style men?

Yes, Men are fun to style because you have to be extremely creative for them to stand out.

What would you consider is your own personal style?

My personal style is classic trendy. I love to keep up with the new trend such as the latest bag or newest shoe but, I also like classic items such as good pair of jeans and blazer because they are versatile.

What do you feel are the key elements in styling someone?

The key element for styling is knowing your client. When I say knowing, I am referring to their emotional needs, their struggles, and their level of confidence. My job is to improve your confidence level and assist you with showing up your best self.

Another key element is communication between both parties. I feel as though I allow clients to communicate their needs, and I communicate with them every step of the way from consultation to photoshoot day.

What sets you apart from other stylists in the area?

Since I do have a mental health background, I can connect with my clients on an emotional level. I like to challenge my clients and push them out of their comfort zone. I want you to feel like you have improved your improved inner-self as well as your outer self.

What are your go-to fashion items/looks in your closet now?

I love Zara, so I most likely have their fall collection already lol. I am in love with my hard-to-find Telfar bag. I am looking to purchase Bottega Veneta boots for the fall. As the seasons’ transition, I am looking to wear outfits such as shorts paired with a blazer or sweatshirts and cute boots. I also love dresses with I can put a shirt under and pair with a sneaker or boot.

How does overall mental health call inside with fashionable styling looks?

It is important to have confidence and feel like your best self. If you are struggling, mentally it’s going to come across in your posture, facial expression, and overall body language. That is why I like to check in with my clients emotionally before beginning to discuss clothes.

What advice could you give someone that is struggling the creativity within Fashion and expressing themselves in the right way?

Be open try new things. Try mixing patterns, adding bigger accessories, where a color that you would not normally wear. Also, have fun with fashion and don’t take yourself too seriously.

What is a quote or affirmation that keeps you pushing forward?

Faith without works is dead. I believe you in writing things out, vision boards, etc, but if you are not actively taking a step to achieve your goals, your goals will remain on the vision board.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This helps me when I am not feeling motivated or feeling discouraged. This also reminds me that the sky is the limit for my goals and dreams.

I am available on social media at @iamsimonevee and email