Thank you for speaking with me! With a background in Political Science why become an emotional life coach?

After completing undergraduate studies, I spent some time working on research. It was there that my passion for writing, statistics, and understanding the motives and intentions behind human behavior was developed. I then pursued a Master’s along with certifications in trauma and cognitive behavior therapy to understand those areas a bit more. I began career counseling in DC working with vulnerable populations when I decided that I wanted to coach people to become the best versions of themselves possible.

Do you feel the two go hand in hand?

Bothinclude the study of people as well as the human behaviors that helped to develop what we now consider to be our world

What voice do you feel you bring to the black girl/woman community?

Healing and empathy. I want black women to know that not only do I get it but I’ve been there and hope to become a part of their healing experience.

Why do you feel it is necessary to heal from emotional wounds, especially when it comes to the black community?

I believe that as women, we tend to lean on our emotions to guide us, which is certainly not a bad thing. Issues arise when those emotions become wounded. Wounded emotions will lead us to react in a way that is less than positive and even cause more emotional harm to ourselves as well as the ones that we love. Wounded emotions cause us to become easily offended, overreactors, and take things way too personally.

As for black women, our journey within this country has been filled with the emotional trauma that our ancestors never had the opportunity to heal. That trauma has been passed down to us throughout the generations.

Your book, “The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds”, could you provide a brief overview of your book series?

“The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds” is a book series that explores the wounds and trauma that black women of all ages face. In this one-of-a-kind experience, readers will be taken on a journey toward healing in the form of a soul cleanse that helps us end self-sabotage and live in our highest self.

When writing this book, what is the main takeaway you would like for your readers to keep with them after completing their reading?

I want readers to take away that relationships are important. We are put on this earth to live in a community with each other. To improve our relationships, whether personal or professional, particularly the one being with ourselves, we need to heal and rid of toxic learned behavior.

You are very active in the community as well, the organization Mocha Moms Inc., please explain what this organization is about and how it impacts the community?

Mocha Moms is a global support group for moms of color with chapters in almost every state and major metro area. This organization provide dme full support when I suffered post-partum after giving birth to my children.

If interested, how can someone join or support Mocha Moms Inc.?

Visit the national and select a chapter to join.

What prompted you to establish the “Prince William County Women in Business Network”? Is this organization only for those in Prince William County? What’s the mission of the organization?

I saw a need within the community for women in business to connect and share resources. That is the mission.

If our women readers are interested in joining, how may they do so?

We are on a hiatus but will return in 2022.

Could you provide us with a token of advice that has helped you to continue to strive for the better?

I firmly believe that we are in living in ourhighest elf when we are doing two things: showing love to others and living in our God-given purpose.

How can our readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me via social media.

IG @nijiamasmallsinreallife

Twitter @NijiamaS