Thank you for interviewing with me. Please tell me who Dana Hicks – Hungerford is?

Thank you for having me. I’m a wife, entrepreneur, International bestselling author, co-creator of The Underdog Tour, actress, playwright, producer, and hand bag designer.

Was “A Woman’s Love” your first Play? Is there more to come?

It was the first play that I wrote and produced. I’ve had hands on previous preparation that truly helped me to make my personal theater debut such a success. I have been an actress in multiple stage plays produced by DC Black Broadway and Timeless Entertainment. I have been an actress on some amazing stages, such as the GIZ at the MGM National Harbor and Confessions of a Side Chick at the Historic Lincoln Theater in Washington D.C. Those opportunities gave me the confidence to bring my vision to life on the big stage of the phenomenal Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club.

It’s definitely much more to come!  We are actually preparing at this time for our “A Woman’s Love” National Tour.  It kicks-off in Charlotte N.C. on Sept 2nd at the magnificent “Knight Theater.” I’d love to hear how your role in  

How did “The Giz” come about?

It was a blessing! The producers Dr. Lovail and Vernon Williams reached out to me and offered me the role as Dorthy’s grandmother. I accepted it and that was such an amazing experience transitioning into a grandmother. I was truly excited to be a part of the very first go-go musical at the MGM. The big blessing was that it was a completely sold out show.

As a stroke survivor, are there still challenges you face while acting and if so what are they?

Answer:  I’m blessed to say that I haven’t had any challenges due to me having a stroke, thank God.  I actually drove myself to the hospital as my arms and legs were becoming completely lopsided.  I think driving myself to the hospital probably was the best thing that I could have done. 

What can we do as a whole to raise more awareness about the signals of having a stroke and beating the odds?

More people need to research about symptoms of strokes. You would be shocked at some the signs. We definitely need to watch our diets and salt intake. Monitoring our blood pressure could definitely be life saving. A lot of strokes are brought on by high blood pressure. The crazy thing is that most people don’t even know that their pressure is high. That is the clear reason why high blood pressure is called the “silent killer.” Getting immediate medical when someone is having a stroke is very important! Time is not on your side at that moment.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced in the entertainment business and if so what are they?

I’m such a free spirit and independent thinker. That comes with pros & cons. I don’t wait on opportunities or validation from others. I’m focused on creating what I desire for myself. We live in the world where validation is what a lot of people yearn for through social media. I’ve never been that girl, so often I had to grind harder to make my dreams come true, because I refused to attach myself to people for my advancement. I will be 50 years old in June and I feel like I’m just living my best life. I’m a walking testimony of how you are never too old to go after what you want out of this lifetime.

Do you have any advice for other young ladies that want to turn their passion into a career?

The first thing is to constantly thank GOD! Never stop believing in yourself, tune out the noise of naysayers, go hard for yourself 100% of the time and you will be just fine!

What do you want your legacy to be?

The Underdogs can come out on top!

How can our readers connect with you?

You can follow me on at FB Dana Dayne, and on IG at onlydanadayne, officialbagladies, hungerforddistribution. Tickets for “A Woman’s Love” stage play at the Knight Theater in Charlotte N.C. can be purchased at

Social media: @onlydanadayne

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