Oh the MINI places we will go! The saying “pack light” has garnered a whole new meaning with the influx of mini tote bags sweeping the fashion scene! As a self-proclaimed bag lady, my outfit and life is not complete without the staple part of my look – MY BAG. Nothing completes a look like the right purse. 

We’ve all fallen victim to the rabbit hole of online shopping as we quarantined for most of last year (our accounts and USPS are fed up entirely ) , and outside of an amazing sale- something that has been a priority for me is shopping black owned.

One of the most popular brands to gain mass popularity over the last year is Designer Brandon Blackwood. Hailing from New York City, Blackwood launched his bag line in 2015 and has been unstoppable ever since. Magazines like Vogue and Elle have covered his line, and he gained critical acclaim for his “End Racism” mini canvas totes that set the internet a blaze in 2020. Not only were they super trendy and affordable, but they were a blatant stance against all the injustices taking place against African Americans during last year’s race riots following the murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and the list goes on.

Politics, but make it fashion! Fashion for a cause is ALWAYS a thing in my book. 

Blackwood released a host of other bags that have been irresistibly fly. 

His bags range from mini totes, trunk bags and satin finish bags that range in texture and color. He’s known for using vegan leathers, and for the amazing structure of the bags.

It is certainly time we have the discussion of inclusivity and holding black designers in the same space as “luxury brands”.

Let’s normalize this!

My personal obsession with this brand has spilled into my daily scrolling routine. 

Has he restocked? What color, pattern and textured resonates with me the most today?

Outside of the bags being flawless in structure and undeniably eye grabbing, it’s been absolutely amazing to watch the expansion of Blackwood’s company over the last year especially as a Black owned business. His product speaks for itself, and if I were you I’d get over to the site and grab yours before they sell out AGAIN! The demand speaks for itself. 

I will continue building my Brandon Blackwood collection, Mini by Mini!

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