It was our pleasure to be able to attend and correspond at the Fibroids Fighters Foundation event held here in DC on March 31, 2021

We had the chance to chat with CEO Dr. Yan Katsnelson who provided us with the alarming statistics regarding fibroids and it’s affects on the African American Women.

Dr. Yan emphasized how at as early at 18, African-American women and women of color should begin getting screened for fibroids. Fibroids is the leading cause of sudden miscarriage , and as women – age their chances of being susceptible to fibroids increases.

Women’s reproductive health seems to be a nuanced topic now a days, but it is important than ever that we change the narrative around what’s comfortable to talk about out loud amongst ourselves, families and friends. 

Dr.Yan educated us on early prevention methods, how we should go about being screened, what symptoms to be on the look out for and how woman can go about obtaining help and assistance medically.

There is a cultural shift happening where women are boldly subscribing to the idea of self care being not only a luxury of ours but a requirement , and it is imperative that self care includes addressing our health care. 

It goes without saying that women wear a multitude of hats and it can be easy to put ourselves last, but that has time and time again shown to be at our detriment. 

Women of all walks of life were in the room sharing and obsorbing all the amazing stories intertwined at every table at the event. 

It was amazing to hear so many women share their experience with fibroids and reassuring to women alike who are suffering with the disease to know that they are lot alone.

Foundations like these serve as collectives to not only gain knowledge and the disease, but gain exposure to treatment options and become more educated. It serves as a sacred space for women to combat this disease together.

It is still possible to develop uterine fibroids, even after menopause. fibroidshormones

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