Who Is Amber P?

Amber P is a government consultant, caregiver, model, TLC business owner, owner of APlusCurves LLC, empowerment coach, and you’re an all-around down-to-earth woman. I love seeing everyone win! I am a firm believer that if you speak, negative negativity will come. However, if you talk about the positivity in a situation or change the narrative, then you are more ahead of any problem that may come into your path. Lastly, I want everyone to live their CORE out loud!

How did you become a Ms. Exquisite Full Figured DMV Pageant Delegate?

I became a delegate first by showing interest and registering for this year’s pageant season. From there, we are selected for an audition/interview. Most of the process was virtual due to Covid, but the ladies in the organization made the process seamless and fun!

The DMV pageant ranges in ages from 21 – 60. Since I turned 39 this year, I was placed in the Exquisite group of the pageant delegates. I’m genuinely excited to have been selected this year as a delegate; it’s the organization’s 5th year anniversary; this year’s pageant is going down in the books! Our Director has us so excited for the pageant because she loves to put the wow factor into everything she does. I’ve been in awe this whole process, you all.

What are some personal qualities that distinguish you from all of the other contestants?

To be honest, I can’t say there is one thing that makes me stand out from the other contestants because we are all strong in our own right. As well as, each sister that I get to know more, I start to see how much we have in common through life and personal qualities.

I do feel though the best qualities to have in this pageant are to be humble, loving, caring, authentic, empowering, understanding, and honestly believe in the power of sisterhood! I possess these qualities, as well as many more that I think have better prepared me for this year’s pageant. This year is the right year for me!

What type of effect do you feel social media has on the African American community and, more so, women of color regarding mental health?

This question is a tough one. On one side, I do feel social media makes it hard for the African American woman trying to live her best life without judgment to do just that, live. It’s the judgment, lack of knowledge/understanding, and downright bias that weighs so much on the African American woman physically and mentally. Most of the time, we are trying to teach people (Other races of women and men) how to treat us individually and not collectively. Or even how to respect us collectively. Social media has been an outlet for much misleading information about women, especially African American women.

However, on that note, I also feel when dealing with social media, simply change the channel or content you align yourself to. All social media uses algorithms to provide to you with the top items you want to see or read. My social media experience is no more a tiring one because I follow the things that only make me happy. Or something that is helpful to my goals, growth, or just good tidbits to know.

We can’t put a lid on freedom of speech, but we can close off things that are not in our best interest mentally.

What creative abilities and strengths are most admirable to you?

I love those that can read one thing and have it memorized just like that. I always wished I could do that. Let’s just say if I could do that, the school would have been a breeze. LOL. I’d probably be a lawyer right now. There are many more, but that’s the ability I wished I always had.

What are you most grateful for?

I must say I’m most grateful for my parents. This year I could have lost them both in a matter of weeks apart, but thank the Lord, he saw it differently. These two people have given the best of everything they could for me. To have a snapshot of the feeling of them not being here with me is the scariest and saddest feeling ever! I know they can’t live forever, but I’m grateful this is/was not their time! Thank you, Lord, again!

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me through FB by searching for Amber Pratt. On IG under A_PlusCurves. Twitter @chalisse23. Lastly, TikTok @amberpcurves. I would love to hear from you all!