Ms. Stephanie “Ms. J” Jester is the mother of the Grammy Award winner, hip-hop mogul, Nayvadius “Future” Wilburn. Ms. Jester has been her son’s business manager for over ten years and is dedicated to seeing Future excel in the music industry. As one of the top COO executive women in the music industry, Ms. Jester has evolved Freebandz to stay ahead of the trends, build a solid management team, and create a space for other talents. In her quest to be a catalyst for minority executives in the music business, she expanded Freebandz to a merchandising business and use her platform to share information. In addition, Ms. Jester has created an identity beyond her music sector and birthed several different companies: In Touch Properties, DBA NTouch Realty Group, Free Wishes Foundation, and EmpowHer.
As an entrepreneur for over fifteen years, she knew her philanthropic work has just begun, and there was so much more ahead to conquer. Through her philanthropy with Free Wishes Foundation, a nonprofit organization, she has given back to the community in Atlanta, Georgia, by offering programs for youth and seniors that provide educational support, skill training, health, wellness, and a feeding program. Her perseverance to help the community became more than just a Foundation; it became part of her daily source, especially in the pandemic where people needed the help the most.
Ms. Jester always had a passion for elevating women and knew that she wanted to do more; therefore, she became the CEO of the EmpowHer Movement. This movement empowers, inspires, educates, fosters and provides a platform for healing and development of the total woman. In addition, through her powerful annual retreats, she has impacted women globally. She became a certified Life Coach to make a more significant impact and help others navigate life with hope and resilience.

Ms. Jester’s entrepreneurial endeavors and business expertise has earned her the 2019 Good Samaritan Pink Award, and she was honored at the Economic Empowerment Initiative. Although she is well-known through her son and other business endeavors, she always emphasized how humble she is for the opportunities.
Ms. Jester believes that God gives us each a purpose in life, and it is up to us to fulfill it. No matter what obstacle and barrier comes, Ms. Jester stated,” I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Through her creativity, business-mindedness, and expertise, Ms. Jester continues to take this world by force and be open to limitless possibilities.


It’s all about helping another woman win; cheering HER on, praying for HER and sharing resources with HER. The reality is the more you give, the more you receive. 

We are inspiration. We raise each other UP. We are courageous. We are strong. We are kind. We are selfless. We are humble. We are blossoming into powerful women. We have more faith than fear. 

-The EmpowHER Movement

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