Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? 

Hello. My name is Alaina Miller. I am a lot of things. Most people know me by my Instagram, and they know that I model, act and influence, but there are many more facets to me. Most people don’t know this, but I am a teacher—a preschool teacher, to be exact. I wake up every morning and go to my babies and teach them their foundation. That means ABCs and 123’s; that’s what I do. It may sound easy, but to tell you the truth, it’s hard most of the time… But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aside from being a teacher, I am a daughter and a sister. I am an “identical twin,” and I put that in air quotes because I don’t think me and my sister look much alike. No, we can’t read each other’s minds, but we are very close. I love to draw, read, roller skate, dance, and sing in the shower. My favorite color is green, and not because of money, but because I love nature. I love being outside, taking walks, and just soaking up the sunlight. Despite the calm tone of this introduction, I am very bubbly. Like most people, I am shy until you get to know me, which I am working on. I am trying to get comfortable being UNcomfortable. The real question is, how did I get here? How did I start acting? It was an accident, really, but it stemmed from a seemingly dark place. I was bullied. Modeling, acting, and influencing was my “light at the end of the tunnel.”

What was it like for you being a part of this tribute editorial with Roe The Agency?

Being a part of this editorial with the fantastic “ROE The Agency” was a dream come true! They always come through with amazing jobs for their models, but this one takes the cake! I grew up listening to the greats, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc… but I never thought I would be a part of a tribute editorial for the king himself, let alone be plastered on a screen in TIME SQUARE! The whole process was a blast, and the team was able to fuse and channel some MJ energy! More specifically, energy from the song “Beat It.” There was a vast array of challenging emotions and actions that we needed to portray, but when you work with ROE, you get the training you need to be prepared for anything! It was phenomenal!

What do you love most about modeling?

This was a hard one. The thing I love most about modeling is the transformation! We all know that as humans, we aren’t perfectly done up all day every day, 25/8; at least, I am not. I love how as a model, I can transform from the regular version of me to, in essence, a more confident, more outgoing version. Sure I love the makeup and the hair and the clothes, but I love the way I feel when I step in front of a camera. Like I am in control or maybe depending on the theme of the shoot, I have to let go of the control and just be free.

Do you have any limitations with modeling? If so why?

As far as limitations in modeling, the only things I am limited to are things that are outside of my brand. I like to keep things pretty tame and family-friendly, and anything entirely outside of that is a no-fly zone. So that means no nudity and no lingerie. Other than that, I am open and always prepared for something new. I refuse to let doubt or comparison deter me from my goals as a model. So, limitations? Zero. Boundaries? Present and here to stay.

What’s the biggest challenge you think Models face?

The biggest challenge I think models face is getting paid for their work! A lot of people think that modeling is easy. “You just get in front of a camera and stand still,” they say. It’s not at all that easy, and there is so much more that goes into the craft that is modeling. First and foremost, we have to face constant criticism of our outer appearance, and most of the time, when we go to castings, we get big fat “No’s.” I can’t tell you how often I was told I was “too short” when I went to a casting. In addition, our bodies are our source of income. We have to take care of them. This means working out and eating right, of course, but we cannot neglect our mental health. It is just as important as everything else! If we don’t feel good in any way, mentally, physically, emotionally, then it shows on camera. I can go on and on, but needless to say, we go through a lot! So when we get booked for a job, the casting director is not just booking our face; they’re securing our work ethic, our healthy diet, our investments in ourselves, and much more. Suitable investments are expensive, and we should be as well.

What are you most grateful for?

I am completely and utterly grateful for my support system. I hear stories of famous models who had to do all the hard work on their own. They’ve had to put themselves in sticky situations, and well, I’ve never had to do that. Whenever I have a show, someone from my family is there to support me. Whenever I have a photoshoot, my manager makes sure I am not ever exposed or put in a dangerous situation. I can look to my left and my right, and people are supporting me. They support me and cheer for me without fail and without hesitation. That makes my job even more worthwhile. ROE has also done a great job supporting me as well. They push me out to a broader audience, and they don’t ever want me to compromise my brand for a quick buck. They have made their services personal, honest and support is the meat and potatoes of that meal.

What creative abilities and strengths are most admirable about you?

Creative abilities and strengths are the keys to catching the audience’s eye. Whether it’s on the clothes or radiating from a model, if you got it? You got eyes on you! One central creative ability and strength that I think models should be equipped with is POSING. It sounds simple but is not always so.

First and foremost, as a model, we must know our angels and consider the photographer’s position. We have to be fluid and focused at every shoot, so we end up giving the client even more than they expected. Posing is a creative dance between you and the camera. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to get the shot. This means letting those creative juices flow and making unnatural shapes with your body, figures that make people think, “How in the world did she get into that pose?” Posing with other people is also a significant strength. You have to make sure the energy is matched between you and your partner/team, and you have to keep those poses creative… with other people in mind. This means making sure no one has the same pose unless it’s intentional and making sure everyone has a spot that makes sense. Creative posing is so very important!

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me? Training and planning. I love modeling, but I am also really great at influencing. I love making exciting videos with great transitions and such. I know that many people have hopped on that wave, but I want to set myself apart. I have a good amount of new software to make cool effects and even better transitions. I will learn all that I can about editing to be exciting and high in quality. I have some excellent plans for acting as well. I am training in commercial and tv acting classes, and I have for a while now. I want to make sure I am well prepared for whatever the ROE throws my way. With all this preparation, I will be able to work with more prominent brands like Target, Gap, Fenty, Juvia’s Place and be on hit tv shows like ‘Grown-ish’ or ‘Green leaf.’

How can I readers connect with you?

You all can connect with me on Instagram @justalaina_ My website is, and feel free to look through my portfolio; you can always look at my stats and information on!