Let’s admit, we are all fed up with this covid-19thief which has stolen our lives. We have experienced all sorts of emotions during this period, confusion, depression you name it, but slowly we are learning to adjust and live according to the current state of living. That includes working to our goals right? Do you have a certain short-term goal that you are trying to achieve at your workplace or that small business idea that will make you the boss you were made to be?

Here are some few tips to help you achieve or plan to achieve that goal/goals you have and to keep your boss mood:


Draft and plan your goal or your next move: With all the regulations and restrictions going on you might need to plan afresh or reconceptualize your goal to fit this new way of living. Some goals might seem impossible to fulfill as you might need to travel to restricted areas

*Adjust to the new normal way of living: You know what that means right? Digital DigitalDigital.If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us is to do things differently. While change may be a bit uncomfortable at first, you get used to it and it feels normal all over again. Communication has changed both socially and career-wise.Use the opportunity to meet your potential investors or that business coach who will help you elevate in your field.

*Expect delays and maintain a positive mindset: 


Meetings might be delayed,dates might be prosponed.Dont take this as a setback but rather a chance to perfect your ideas to do more research and gather more information, practice your pitch thoroughly so that when the time comes you’re fully ready with that boss business idea that will blow the investors away or that game changing idea you have for your employers.

Whatever you do ,be grateful for life, for having a job during this trying times, for having ideas to move forward .Give it your best shot .You got this