Can you tell our readers who Wes Watkins is?

My name is Wes Watkins and I am a Father, Musician, Author, and Entrepreneur.  I have 2 kids Demauri and Drew who are my world. I’ve been playing drums for 34 years and this has put me in a position to travel the world and work with amazing artists in different genres. Some of the artists I have had the opportunity to work with are The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Grammy Nominated Carolyn Malachi, Marcus Johnson, Travis Green, Koryn Hawthorne, Raheem Devaughn, Lissen, Sirius Company, What? Band and many more. Being an artist myself I have released four live studio albums with my band Got My Own Sound. As an author, I have released three books and have two more on the way. 

What is the driving force behind your passion for creating your various business ventures?

The driving force behind creating different business ventures is simply to own and show my kids how to go after any dream they have. No dream is too big for you to accomplish as long as you have Vision, Faith, Consistency, and Confidence to make it work.

There’s nothing like a good hat, what do you feel your brand brings to the fashion industry?

I feel my brand brings a dope bold look to the fashion industry. The colors I’ve chosen to carry for my brand are colors that stand out. To wear one of the Mustard Yellow, Royal Blue, or Bride Red Brim hats with a pair of Jordans, ripped jeans and a white T with a jean jacket helps set off your look. Seeing people wear my Brim Hats at my live shows, in the club and other places is amazing with the way they put their outfits together.

You have released several albums to date, please let our readers know what type of vibe they can get from listening to your music?

It has been amazing to still be able to release music during these times and people still respond to the music! The albums I have released so far are Got My Own Sound, Welcome To Our World, Out Of Love and the latest album “Moonshine”. Listening to my music I the vibes you get is “feel good”. I always say that we make feel-good music. The songs and the way we play them make you want to go into your world and get lost in a groove. No matter what kind of day you’re having you can put on a Got My Own Sound record and change your entire mood. Having a mix of R&B, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, a little rock and gospel feel is a dope vibe.

Who is your Mount Rushmore of artists you would like to work with within your career?

The Mount Rushmore of artists I would want to work with within my career would be Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Common, Q-Tip, J Cole, Robert Glasper, and Chris Brown.

Not only are you in the music industry, but you are also an established author. Please provide us with a quick synopsis of your books.

I never thought I could see myself as an author but it happened and I love it. My first book “The Life That Created My Own Sound” deals with Mental Health and Identity. The goal was to share my struggles with the world from suicide, depression, alcoholism, finding my identity, going to court for my son, and how I got through. The second book Motivation + Drive = Purpose describes how to find the Motivation for your Vision and keep a consistent Drive to get to your Purpose. In my latest book, Fathers Need Their Kids and Kids Need Their Fathers I Co-Wrote with my son Demauri and tells why this statement is true.

Your recently released book, “Fathers Need Their Kids & Kids Need Their Fathers,” why do you feel this book was so important for you to write at this time?

This book was important to write during this time because the statement is true and I wanted to bring awareness to it. As a Father and a man, I wouldn’t be able to function without my kids. There are so many great Fathers I know that don’t get the opportunity to be the dad they want to be to their children. Despite what the situation may be with the other parent, some parents will try to keep the child away from the dad. In that situation, it causes so much distrust, strains relationships, and more. Just wanted the world to know Fathers we need our kids to speak into their life, show up at basketball games, ballet recitals, be there for them in different life situations. Always want them to feel that Man presence and know their Father will always be by their side no matter what.

What are some of your upcoming projects for our readers to keep a lookout for?

Some upcoming projects I have coming up is a live show at The City Winery with my band Got My Own Sound on November 26th in Washington DC. The next Children’s Book ” Black Fathers Need Their Kids & Kids Need Their Black Fathers” will release in December. My Business partner Eric Lowery and I wrote a Children’s Book ” I Just Want To Be Myself” that will release in early 2022. Those are my main focus for right now.

What advice would you give our readers who may be interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

My advice for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur is to develop and don’t quit mentality. The entrepreneur life is not for everybody and there will be times that you want to quit but have to decide if you are going to continue or not. Make sure you continuously have the Motivation to keep pushing to accomplish your goals as an entrepreneur.

How can our readers connect with you?

The best way to communicate with me is to follow me on Instagram @wesgotmyownsound, facebook Wes Watkins, Youtube Wes Watkins and check out my website

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