UPDATE- December 23, 2022 3:15PM A jury has convicted Tory Lanez of all three charges for the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

Both sides have rested their case in Tory Lanez‘s shooting trial … and now, the singer’s fate will be decided by the jury.

The jury started deliberations Thursday, after 9 days of trial. Closing arguments from the prosecution started Wednesday afternoon, with Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bottmaking one last effort to convince jurors that Tory shot Megan Thee Stallion … saying the case is simply about “a guy who shot a girl, then apologized for it.”BACKGRID

Prosecutors also pointed to Tory’s “bruised ego” as a reason he shot Meg.

The defense’s closing argument went hard on Kelsey Harris, claiming she was the one that pulled the trigger — while also calling Megan a liar, and claiming Tory was trying to save the day in the aftermath of the shooting.

The defense also tried to make the point that Megan was lying about Tory because they’re both artists, and she’s looking to stay on top in the music game.

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TMZ also obtained the jury sample verdict form that they’ll use in making their decision … the document has been circulating online as alleged proof to Tory’s guilt or innocence — but the jury has not yet made a decision, the document is only a guide.

The judge is letting the jurors decide if they want to come in on Friday to continue deliberations — the day before Christmas Eve … so it’s possible deliberations could continue into next week if a verdict isn’t reached today.