Hey there, I’d love to hear how you got started. How did you first get in the nursing field and now the beauty business?

To be honest, nursing was never a first choice for me. I kind of got coerced more or less into doing nursing. My mother is a nurse for over 40 years now, and I also have aunts that are nurses. Coming from a Nigerian household, education is what matters most to my parents. My mother would always tell me and my twin sister “do nursing first and then whatever you wanna do after you can do.” so in an effort to be “obedient” or a “good daughter” we listened.

In college, what did you study?

I attended Prairie View A&M University, where I studied nursing.

I obtained my Bachelors of Science degree in nursing and then I went onto pursue and obtain a Masters of Science Degree at the University of Texas Houston branch.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced in the beauty and medical business?

The only challenge I would say is lack of awareness. I realized the more people are aware of the many benefits of the services the less resistance there is.

Could you tell me more about your business strategy? How did you know where to start?

What motivated me the most was that Season of COVID. I wanted to find a way to get individuals immune system boosted. I’ve studied the benefits of high dose, vitamin C, and what it could do in terms of its curative factors. In addition I was able to determine the benefits of additional vitamins and infusions.

How do you hope your talks and social media will impact your viewers?

I hope my presence and social media will impact viewers by informing them of preventative measures to stay alive,
and healthy.

Do you have any advice for other people in the space that want to turn their passion into a career?

I would advise anyone to just do it. Take little steps day by day and you can achieve your goals.

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