Hello 2023!!!

Let’s start off with an EXHALE. I MEAN REALLY EXHALE. Welcome to my column #RealTalkWithFaithRose. The rebirth of something I have been doing for years. My passion has always been writing but as many of you can imagine, writers block among other things can definitely take over. Everything leading to this rebirth will be revealed and connected to one another in due time but FIRST.. The introduction.

I am Faith Rose. My brand is Mentality Of A Goddess. I am giving 2023 what it deserves. A clean slate. In 2022 my entire existence became a question when my mother transitioned after a 15 month battle with cancer. That journey began in the midst of the pandemic and started off with a simple call from her doctor saying her white blood cell count was elevated, which can commonly happen if you’re feeling under the weather or even sometimes the sample collected could be tainted. My mother was a registered nurse before I was even born and she kept up with not just her health but anyone who came across her way. The nurturing nature of a devout nurse was now in a place of concern and worry because she regularly makes doctor visits and even this development was u familiar to her. I will never forget the day she called me crying because her redo of the bloodwork showed her white cell count was even more elevated than the previous results and her doctor told her to visit the ER ASAP. I rushed to pick her up and take her to the closest ER all while feeling helpless due to the fact COVID restrictions stopped me from even walking her inside. The moment I spent watching her hesitantly walk alone into the ER was where my grasp on life as I knew it started letting loose….

We will definitely cover more of that later because this year is about rebirth all while learning to meet myself where I am at. As any human, we all go through traumatic experiences. Many were lost in the pandemic to a point where it was desensitization to death itself. For me, the loss of not just a parent, but my MOTHER who raised me without my biological father and in my eyes was a Superhuman Superhero… challenged me in ways that now at the age of 35 it feels like my life I knew was a drill. THIS new life is unfamiliar, to me feels unguided, and with the absence of my mother physically…. Makes me question who and what I am. The only thing I feel like I know now is 2023 and beyond I will be living a soft life. The amount of trauma and trials I have faced in 35 years would make the average mind say “Baby Girl HOW are you still standing?”.. I hear it all the time. Aside from that the “strength” and “strongest warrior” titles are played out in my life and now my goal is to normalize the softer feminine that is divinely inside of me so I can exude my purpose on this Earth. Whatever that may be, we will uncover that as time progresses.

Cheers to a new year, a new page, a rebirth of not just myself but I am sure MANY OF YOU. The vibe for this year is #SoftLifeEnergy2023 and we are manifesting nothing but healthy strategies, journeys & REAL TALK.

Your presence and time with me is always appreciated and forever noted. Let’s see what happens 2023… the evolution will be televised.

Peace & Love To My Readers🖤

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