Thank you for interviewing with me. Please tell me who Shonte’ Parrish is? I’d love to hear how Woosah Bride got started.

It started when my husband proposed in August 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, countless people dying, losing their jobs, and people who look like me still being gunned down for no reason other than being black. Although the state of the world contributed to my depressed state at times, I struggled to find balance in taking care of myself mentally while planning.

I struggled with finding a circle of people who understood that I was excited, happy, and I did have and love my wedding planner, but I was in a constant state of anxiety, worry, and frustration. I also struggled with boundaries and being a people pleaser. I was shocked at how there was so much in my 32 years of life, I never knew about how planning a wedding changes the dynamic between your family members, friends, your partners closest loved ones etc. I was shocked about wedding etiquette no one seemed to understand. During my planning process I ordered all types of planners, bridal boxes etc. to help me be organized and excited, however in these products, there was barely any representation of black faces. No black women, no black love, no black weddings! In my bridal groups, brides asked the same exact questions, looking for the same things, and I am here to provide a solution. For US by US. 

My wellness wedding planner titled- “Sis, let’s plan this wedding! “is intended for melanated brides who are underrepresented in the billion dollar wedding industry. The lack of options in bridal magazines, bridal fashion and couture, bridal boxes and planners, dress sizes, flattering shades and colors, and bridal expos in 2022/2023 is alarming. Black women and women of color should not have to visualize one of the best days of our lives through the lens or standard of someone who doesn’t look like us. 

My husband and I were married on 12.12. 2021. We celebrated our nuptials at Pattoo Castle in Negril, Jamaica, the weekend before most of the world contracted covid-19 due to the new omicron variant. Luckily, all of our guests made it home and virus free. WHEW! I was so happy with how the wedding weekend turned out, but it stayed on my mind how I struggled to find a community of support for people who looked like me and were experiencing similar issues based on my culture and traditions while I was planning.  

For these reasons, finding support and being affirmed as a black woman was imperative to my journey and mental health, just as it may be for other brides to be. Although my professional wedding planner was a Black woman and eventually all of my other vendors as well, it was hard to find the support I needed for basic questions I needed to ask about my skin, my hair, my teeth, family obstacles, and even just, “IS YOUR FAMILY ACTING LIKE THIS?!”.  

In a few of my bridal groups, I noticed repetition of similar questions posed and brides in all stages providing resources and answers. No one could find a planner or a bridal box company for US by US, and it was a struggle to find other black-owned resources. When most individuals are engaged, they do not know where to start, and may be flooded with tons of non-relevant information during their initial research. This can make early decisions, even more difficult. Although there are great wedding resources available for all women, we needed something for the melanated woman, with a non-traditional size, with curves and beautiful, thick, 4C hair. And for them to know, they will be just as gorgeous on their day. 

This is why Woosah Bride was created. To provide relief so the bride can take a DEEP BREATH.

Are there any challenges you’ve faced in this business?

It’s been almost six months since the store officially opened and one year in business legally, and I invested in mentors and coaches really early so I could have guidance as I make mistakes, however I have faced many challenges that involve getting accustomed to a growing business. These challenges have involved friendship dynamics changing because you are simply required to sacrifice and say NO to more, looking for help and extra hands when large orders come into our system, having the patience with manufacturers when mistakes are made, even challenges like making sure my customer service is excellent, even with difficult customers. Trying to maintain a presence on tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, and work on email marketing and five million other ways the brand is supposed to show up is a challenge and of course capital. As a woman-owned and black-owned business, I struggle finding as many resources as my white counterparts at time when inventory is low and we want to scale. Another challenge is simply allowing yourself the grace to learn and make mistakes as a new business owner.

Could you explain what you mean by bridging the gap planning someone’s big day and setting boundaries?

Woosah Bride hopes to bridge the gap between the glamour of planning your wedding and the reality of wedding planning which involves setting boundaries. Meaning we want self-care to become a mandatory conversation in the beginning and during your planning with EVERYONE involved- bride, bridal party, family, friends, vendors etc. We believe this will have a positive impact on a bride’s mental health and also the couple’s relationship. Setting active boundaries and consistently listening to your mind and body will allow you to show up in your new marriage as your best self.

What does Women’s Empowerment mean to you?

Women’s Empowerment means providing the support needed to uplift and support others that identify as women, through products, events, services, and any other resources.

Do you have any advice for other young ladies that want to turn their passion into a career in this industry?

My biggest advice is TAKE STEP ONE. You can spend too much time thinking about the how, the why, the when, the to what extent, and meanwhile someone has launched exactly what you were meant to bring to the world. Even if your brand is in a saturated industry. NO ONE IS YOU. No was thinks like you, creates like you, and no one was meant to bring to this world, exactly what you are. Just TAKE STEP ONE.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want the wedding industry to actively discuss and provide self-care and resources mainstream as a normal part of their services and discussions because of what my brand started. Because of Woosah Bride.

How can our readers connect with you?

You can connect with me via email at and on IG, Tiktok and FB @WoosahBride.

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Office (877) 213-8705