Eris Busey’s one on one with Jacques Johnson


Jacques Johnson (pronounced: jhock johnson) is a native of the Atlanta suburbs, where he graduated from Milton High School and attended the University of West Georgia. Jacques has been dubbed a natural lyricist and is probably one of the most business minded artists of his age group that you will ever find. He prefers to be called an artist than a rapper because he loves all types of music. However hip hop is his first love. He is a crowd pleaser and a creative performer. Ladies love his looks and his mysterious appeal.

Label Execs who heard his indie album New Jerusalem are comparing him to a mix of old hip hop with a new age chaser. He has a quiet persona which will remind you of well known eccentric artists but his stage presence is demanding. He has been a performer since his days with the prestigious Atlanta Boy Choir but found rap to be his primary passion. Because of his cool persona, good looks and outstanding lyrics, this young man is one of the first indie artist to get an endorsement deal to promote headphones, Walmart store promotions, and his own TV series “Who Is Jacques Johnson.” This makes Jacques Johnson the youngest executive producer in reality television. He is now working with legendary performers and has opened for Tech N9ne, Migos, Mindless Behavior, DMX, T.I., Jeezy and more. The legendary Prince even mentioned Jacques in his song Million $ Show and he received a copy of Jacques Johnson’s album “New Jerusalem”.

His rap skills are smooth and his metaphors in his lyrics are spectacular. He is a somewhat of a prodigy because whatever he puts his mind to, he will accomplish it. Jacques’ parents suffered the loss of his older sister to a drunk driver before he was born. They believe Jacques is a miracle. Born with a cross on his cheek and identical to his older sibling, he draws people to him. Imagine this, he is a rapper who relaxes by playing the viola to hip hop music. He leaves everyone curious and the media is already wanting interviews to try and see what he is about. He will be the first to tell you that he does not rap about being from the streets or try to portray himself as something he’s not. He is a young man who writes about his world: loving life, growth, love, money, world issues and jealousy.

He focuses on things everyone can relate too, especially good music. Stay tuned for the TV series and the new sophomore album, Free Spirit. “With me, expect the unexpected but always be prepared to be amazed”.

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