Floyd The Mogul, also known in the entertainment industry as ‘The Ghost’ for his impressively swift tactics, is putting an end to the silence behind his unique technology of ‘harvest integration’ after having been encouraged by many in the industry to remain quiet. Major artists such as YG and Saweetie have blown up immensely from the benefit of ‘Harvest Integration’ despite the fact that its creator itself has not received the deserved recognition for his formula and method that will forever change the way the music industry connects with its targeted fanbase. He is now ready to talk about it, although many top artists want him to remain quiet about it and keep his methods for themselves.

Floyd The Mogul is the founder of United Entertainment, his company that inspired the methodology responsible for making harvest integration a reality of the music industry. ‘Harvest Integration’ is a methodology that removes the middleman from marketing, so that devices can be targeted given the intention of reaching a fanbase directly as opposed to having to seek them through platforms like Google or Facebook. 

Halsey, YG, and Saweetie are just a few of the top entertainers in the music industry that have benefited from the use of ‘Harvest Integration.’ After witnessing Saweetie’s rise to fame first hand, having created her YouTube channel and filming the video for her most famous track “Icy Girl” in his own home, The Ghost came to understand that his methods truly were capable of guiding artists toward the rise to stardom.

Because his technology has been recognized as incredibly effective for those who have witnessed its performance, Floyd has not only been encouraged to keep quiet about his secret weapon, but in turn has not received the credibility owed to him. He is breaking his silence behind ‘Harvest Integration’ in hopes of receiving the credibility he deserves, helping other artists on their rise to fame, and encouraging them to be brave enough to break free of the reigns held on them by their labels and management. 

Former childhood actor Floyd The Mogul is the creator of United Entertainment and founder of harvest integration technology. He has spent numerous years working in the music industry under labels such as Atlantic and Warner, working with a variety of artists from Halsey to Saweetie to YG. Recently he has signed with Showrunner Arthur W. Bonner for his upcoming series, ‘Model Citizen.’ Recently he has signed with Showrunner Arthur W. Bonner for his upcoming series, ‘Model Citizen.’ 

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