Six year old Antwain aka TJ reportedly passed away this weekend after several relatives and friends confirmed the news on Facebook. One person wrote, “Today is hitting different on This App….We Really Have To Come As One And Lift China Black Up Man Real Talk. This Is Not Easy At All…This Hurts Just Wow. Play In Heaven TJ. #WhereWe BoutToEatAt”

Antwain became a viral sensation after his mother recorded a video of him asking her “Where We Bought To Eat At” which lead to 24 million views on YouTube. He also launched a YouTube channel called AntwainsWorld which grew over 243,000 subscribers. In 2015, he was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy, a rare autoimmune deficiency disorder that attacks the intestines.

The first four years of Antwain’s life was an everlasting fight, and very crucial experience for his family. Through unlimited prayers, faith, and doctors working around the clock Antwain is progressively healing; and truly grateful for all that he’s accomplished thus far.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and everyone who loved him.