Share with us what a Truth Coach is and what led you to this field of work?

For many years, I was not living as my authentic self due to issues I did not have to know how to face from my childhood. This turned into a form of mental illness that I had learned to cover up as I moved through my everyday walk of life. It was not until I became a full-time entrepreneur that I began to see trends that were not helping my emotional state. I had allowed my version of childhood trauma to consume me and it began to consume all things around me that were important. This is when decisions had to be made! I had been having many conversations with my clients because, one thing I don’t mind is a good conversation, and I was thanked one day for helping an individual to gain some clarity in life. This is when the light bulb went off and one day my wife said: “You know you are a life coach right, yes it’s a real thing”. From this revelation, I obtained my master’s certification giving me the credentials to take this journey. The more clients I assisted the more I realized that life was not the problem, it was people avoiding their truth within any given situation. SO this is where the “Truth Coach’s” originated. As a true coach, I assist individuals in understanding the importance of living within their truth. We can get so occupied with ensuring everyone and everything around us is ok that individuals tend to forget about themselves. This is not healthy and from experience, this is a form of mental illness that brings on suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety issues. I had to learn to heal myself and be okay with the results to ensure that I have all of the strength and tools needed to be there for those that require enlightenment on the road to their personal freedom.

There are so many stigmas surrounding black men and their journey with mental illness, share with us how your work aids in dispelling such stigmas?

I help to break the cycle. See I always heard the words hard to deal with or crazy but the older I got and the more I accepted my calling as a coach I realized what is crazy is that it was not recognized that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. I help individuals to be okay with expressing real feelings or explaining really where he or she believes they are in life mentally. It is so much pressure in trying to find a way to disguise mental illness instead of recognizing it and facing it head-on. The healing process is not easy but it is even hard to admit there is a problem. This is so relevant to those that have never even been informed that mental illness is a real thing. So that always steps one for me admittance and accountability and then once there is a clear understanding and all of the falsehoods are eliminated the real process can begin towards healing. To reiterate I had to realize and recognize that mental illness is a real thing not just being ‘crazy’ or ‘hard to deal with’.

Explain the ideology behind the SIMS (focusing on the story, implementing change, manifesting results, and showing the world a new version of you) approach and how you developed this method.






The first step is to assist a person in getting his or her story out and do it with complete honesty and truth, no matter how hard it may be, then the journey to true self-empowerment and growth can start. Now that we have the story out, we can dissect and recognize the issues or problems and begin to find ways to create solutions. Now, the implementation process begins with tools, homework, and exercises to help with the sifting and sorting needed to find the solutions to these issues. This part can be one of the hardest things to ever happen in one’s life but we as a people subconsciously find ourselves living for everyone but ourselves and regardless of how it may look or feel to everyone else each person on this earth deserves to be selfish enough to want to be happy for his or herself without the guilt of outside influence no matter what that looks like. The manifestation process is important because this is when you implement your solutions and create lifestyle changes for positive results within your truth and happiness and without regret. Now one can become the best version of self at the highest level attainable and begin to see how much higher one can go. Show and Tell is all about self-reflection with the coach and allowing the coach to be present for support if some fears or doubts need to be addressed and faced. Ultimately the goal regardless of the direction the client takes within this personal journey is to learn the importance of living in one’s truth and implement that true way of living. Living a life fulfilled is important and everyone deserves to leave as little on the table if anything when it is all said and done.

Truth YOUniversity is a platform created to help with regardless of the circumstance. I am using the SIMS Approach method to assist individuals in telling his or her side of the story no matter the circumstance because throughout my journey many have tried to solve or get past issues by attempting to change or adjust the surroundings but never changing his or her position or perspective. Truth YOU is where we learn how to stop compromising our progress by protecting and sacrificing others or situations. And a way to make those hard decisions, that may come with unimaginable results, but will shine light on a new path, that can now be walked with a new confidence, that positive results will come from even the hardest situations. is where the journey begins.

There seems to be a cultural shift happening amongst the black community, where acknowledgment and treatment of mental health issues are becoming normalized. People are including therapy, and treatment into their self-care routines and empowering themselves with the verbiage and tools needed to address mental illness. In addition, therapy and surrounding conversations are now looked at as empowering and not a defect. What would be some of the major benefits of having a truth coach?

I help individuals to be comfortable with living within their truth. What does this look like? It is easy to recognize how others are not holding themselves accountable within certain situations but individuals have to find a way to free themselves even if the satisfaction of another’s admitting fault or participation in any given situation is not received. This may seem impossible pending the scenario but it is just super hard and it takes time, healing takes time no matter the wound. See the right medicine is needed and my medicine called the truth will set you free. What does this truth look like is what has to be determined? Now the person has to be prepared for a journey that may have just as many casualties as well as accomplishments. But it is ok, see many don’t realize how alone he or she is when living in misery (because it truly loves company) versus how many new opportunities can be explored with a new path, a new way, and new players along his or her journey. Certain instances in life cannot be corrected so you have to find your peace and make those hard decisions that will ensure that peace remains constant. This is just the start of how a true coach can be beneficial to an individual.

As someone who has been candid about your own journey with mental health, what advice can you provide someone who is unsure how to navigate their own personal issues?

I can use myself as the best example. I had to be comfortable being alone to find the way and people that is most beneficial to my journey. We are programmed those certain figures or scenarios are to be a staple along your journey due to significance, status, or title. See I don’t agree because what if that person or scenario is the reason for all of the transgressions. How long should one suffer? Stop having a guilty conscious when it comes to making a decision that is focused on self. This is where many of our problems come from, worrying about the possible reaction or opinion of someone else. You are important and your life based around your truth is alright if that is what you want. We only get one life but we get many opportunities to make a change. Take that one life seriously enough to ensure that the opportunities that come your way do not benefit you as well as others. See I found myself depressed and suicidal because I was worried about everything but Randy and it was running me crazy. I had to make sacrifices and find peace from within to begin my journey towards my peace and living in my truth. See I had to learn that the past did happen but if I couldn’t find a way to face the trauma and overcome the results I would forever be in a depressive state while others navigated with no worries. This had to be done with the understanding that my happiness and peace are more important than protecting the feelings of others. It is time to be free and at peace and did start with a clean slate and enjoy all of the possibilities.

Media can certainly be a double-edged sword in how it affects our mental health, and this conversation is super poignant. It is amazing for networking, building a following, etc., but the amount of information that we can be subject to constantly can take a toll on us mentally. What advice can you give us as as truth coaches to remain true to who you are as a person, and not allow social media to entirely consume you?

It is simply taking a BREAK and enjoying the simple things in life. We are allowing the media sources to cloud the simple important things. What are you talking about coach: a smile, a conversation, paying attention to that special person and knowing what makes him or her tick, or a walk in the park while enjoying the weather. See these are the thing I was saying I missed not realizing that the opportunities are there to enjoy still I just had to make a conscious effort to enjoy them. The media sources are so convenient and available at all times I was not paying attention to the fact that I was letting life pass me by trying to be in the know. I realized that my happiness created in the way that is important to me is what I needed to find my sanity giving me the strength to filter through the muck and use media as a benefit instead of a crutch.

For those who are navigating mental health issues, how important is it for their partners, friends and family members to be aware of their situation? Is this something that should be disclosed to their core group of people for support and accountability?

I am on the fence with who should travel a journey with you as it relates to mental illness. Just because an individual may be good to hang out with or reminisce does not always mean they are the right person to help you face a mental illness. Be specific about the steps you need to make towards healing and ensure the ones that are in your process understand that it is a process and should not be rushed or with pressure. Now if you choose to have a village support you understand that filtering is necessary and I don’t know how filtering is always possible when mental illness is involved. Now, let’s be candid many don’t know they are in a mental illness state so how do you know who has your best interest at heart. This is where exploring the story comes in to such an important role because it gives you the opportunity to explore all aspects of your life. Now the root of the issue can be discovered, see without finding the root of the problem how can there be a solution. From this exploratory process an individual can start to determine who if anyone needs to be a part of the process to healing.

What’s next for Coach Randy, and where can our community find you online?

Truth YOUniversity has been launched to give individuals support, courses, and exercises to help with the journey towards one truth. Mental Illness is real and we put this in place to create a safe space which is needed especially with the high level of outside influences we as a people deal with daily. Truth YOU can be found at We will be releasing my first 2 books in the weeks to come. One hard copy book and another which will be an e-book. These are exciting times and I cannot wait to experience the continuous growth of Truth Coach Randy and Truth Youniversity featuring the SIMS Approach as we continue to help heal the world one person at a time.