Lish 2X brings an unique flavor to music and fashion by mixing the arts of ballet & hip-hop in her new project. Her new single “Principles,” signals a need for feminine refinement of its portrayal of women in the music industry. “If I have to feed the truth to you through these hip hop words, I’ll be content walking around this earth… Principles,” exclaims Lish 2X. She continues, “Being feminine is my way of thanking God for making me a woman.”  Watch the video now:

We’d love to hear how you got started. How did you first get into music?

It began with booking a studio session and trying. Nothing was great at first, but with time and practice and understanding the networks needed I grew into a true artist. I definitely paid my way.

In college, what did you study?

I studied Fashion Institute of Technology B.S. degree; International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion industries, and minored in Economics. I also obtained an Associates of Arts from Nassau State University of New York (took mostly theatre classes and American Sign Language)

Are there any challenges you’ve faced as a woman in the music business?

Of course. Having a vagina, men try you and women want tocompete. It’s a trial when you are adamant about avoiding both.

Could you tell me more about your strategy for success in the music business? How did you know where to start?

I didn’t know where to start. People told me things along the way. Broadway told me to get PR, DJ Self told me to register music with BDS, Dru Oliver told me to register with BMI, and now these days I study at YouTube University.

How do you hope your talks and social media will impact your viewers?

I mostly care about my female audiences. I want them to raise their standards and remember their femininity is their strength. I want men to see women that are different from what the modern-day hip hop and ratchet TV culture has portrayed about black women. I also hope the stereotypes about Muslim women are diversified because we are not one dimensional.

Do you have any advice for other people in the space that want to turn their passion into a career?

Stay true and consistent. Know if you’re serious right away because the music industry is an investment.