Congratulations on your cover feature! How do you feel?

It feels absolutely spectacular, It’s beyond humbled, grateful!

Give me four words to describe yourself?

Faithful, Tenacious, Loyal, Fiercely Creative, Loving, Grateful,

Are there any challenges you’ve faced in the entertainment business and if so what are they?

There are many challenges , however I have chosen to use them as growth opportunities, learning experiences. I don’t want to name them because then I claim them. I won’t give negativity to my life!! I will say, I am grateful for the people I meet in the industry who exude true kindness, sincerity, selflessness, integrity and loyalty, kind, sincere, honest and loyal and selfless along my journey.

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

1. Journal your ideas in one place in the journal, not several pieces of paper you can’t find:)


3. Don’t be afraid to get started, but speak with someone you trust and surround yourself with positive people who will uplift and inspire you.

Which people have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Born in London and raised in Brooklyn by two incredible West Indian parents, my father Clarence Oliver Williams was known as the colonel or Bill, because he was no joke, he kept my siblings and myself in check. 

My mother  Pauline Elaine Williams was my greatest inspiration. She passed away in 2010 but only in her physical body. Her loving spirit, laughter, smile and kindness live on in me forever. She was soft spoken, graceful, and classy. Many would think she was soft in a way that would inhibit her actions, but it was the opposite. 

Even on the day she was leaving us, she opened her eyes and in a stern voice that had not even been able to speak for days prior,  said to my family, “take care of each other!! be kind to one another and give grace to others”.

 She was powerful and strong in all of her deeds, a servant to God first, a loving loyal dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. She was loving and proud. 

My mother always had my back no matter what!!! She had great dreams for me and always said to be kind to others and was the one who put out flyers telling all of our friends and family to buy my products on QVC, she came to school in my defence when a teacher raised his hand to me. 

She stood 5ft2 inches tall but she was my giant, my role model. She could do anything and make anything. If I needed something like a pin to hold up my dress or a jack to change my tire, somehow she was there to fix it all. 

She was there when all three of my children were born. She helped me through everything in my life, every tear I shed, all of my laughter and joy came from mommy growing up and of course, my grandmother Viola J Miller, raised her to be the person she grew to be. 

My grandmother always said “You Can You Must And You Will Succeed At Anything You Put Your Mind To With God’s Help”.

My sister  Andrea, and my brother, Derek, are always there to support me no matter what. 

My children Eddie, Brttany and Giana are my three reasons for every breath I take and every move I make.. LOL, sounds like a song!  And now blessed with my first grandchild, my granddaughter, my love, Olivia Love. I am blessed.

I have to add in the celebrity world, Dionne Worwick has been an amazing voice in my ear, a person who is kind, warm, loving and sincere. And when I say these words to her she says….. “That’s What Friends are for!!”

What would you say is the #1 key to success in your business?

There are many. Standing in your truth being your authentic self, never taking no for an answer without asking for the why. Being kind to others, being consistent, being vulnerable and honest. Answering your phone and returning calls no matter how successful you become The people surrounding you have helped to create your success, never forget it Say Thank you!!!

Do you have any advice for other young ladies that want to turn their passion into a career?

Surround yourself with positive people! Read and take courses that will help you. 

What does the phrase, “ I am human too” mean to you?

Don’t look down on others, be vulnerable and kind, share what you have learned with others. Give of yourself without giving away your soul.


How can our readers connect with you?

Here are all of my social media handles. My website is email me at